The FRESH AIR MANAGER: The right air filters and additional products. Automatic. Delivered on time!

Imagine never having to think about the air filter change cycle again. No matter how many different systems and filters you have in operation or maintenance: The FRESH AIR MANAGER reliably takes care of it for you!

The new way to organize your filter shopping

The FRISCHLUFTMANAGER takes over the organization around the filter purchase from you. It helps you find the right filters for your ventilation systems, reminds you of your maintenance appointments and delivers the filters to you on time and in line with the system.

The Frischluftmanager helps you to significantly reduce your administrative workload when procuring and replacing filters. In the future you will only order once for the duration of your maintenance interval. As an independent dealer, we can offer you the best filters for you from a single source.

We provide you with the filters in our warehouse four weeks before maintenance and guarantee on-time delivery. We pack the filters per system, according to your wishes – whether mouth guard, gloves, disposal bag or seal, we put together your personal package. The individual labelling of the boxes enables you to use them smoothly for your maintenance.

By providing the filters four weeks before the delivery date, we are able to react to possible changes at short notice, within two working days, and to deliver earlier or later. This allows us to react to bottlenecks or postponements and gives you more flexibility in your personnel planning.

With the fresh air manager you get your personal online access to our maintenance tool. There you can see all plants with the corresponding filters as well as maintenance dates. The continuous development based on your feedback enables us to support you optimally at any time. No matter if you manage one or 300 plants, the fresh air manager supports you from the first plant on. The connection to an existing ERP system is also possible.

Our air filter experts will answer your questions about the right model, present alternatives to the filters you have been using up to now and, if you wish, support you in optimising your maintenance intervals. By phone, by web, by mail.

This is how the FRESH AIR MANAGER works for maintenance and cleaning companies

  1. As soon as you have received your personal access you can create the AHU’s you maintain or change the filters for yourself; alternatively you can send us the datasheets and we will do the input for you.
  2. Choose the right products and services for you and your customers
  3. From now on we take over –
    • automatically receive reminders, replacement filters or additional products
    • the filter changes are optimized and we contact you in case of possible malfunctions
    • We show you and your customers the air quality in their rooms

The fresh air manager gives you an overview of your systems, dates and data at all times.

What are you waiting for?

Take advantage of our services for your ventilation system maintenance today! We look forward to seeing you!

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon cartridges are designed for the adsorption of gaseous and odorous pollutants. They can be used on the supply and exhaust air side. A simple modular principle makes it possible to create large filter systems from the base plates by means of screw assembly. Depending on the application, pollutant gas mixtures with different adsorption behaviour can be separated in several filter stages, using appropriately impregnated special carbons. Activated carbon cartridges with standard carbon can be used up to an operating temperature of +40 °C and a rel. humidity of +30 °C. humidity of 70 % can be used. Activated carbon is sensitive to dust and must be protected by appropriate pre-filters. Depending on the application, the contact time of the air with the activated carbon is between 0.1 and 5 seconds.

Pocket filter coarse dust

Coarse dust filters serve as pre-separators for subsequent filter stages, as main filters for air-conditioning systems or for process protection. They are classified in filter class ISOcoarse 50 to 95 % depending on the degree of separation. The filter medium consists of fine synthetic or glass fibres sewn into wedge-shaped pockets. Spacers, which are inserted into or between the filter pockets, ensure uniform airflow through the filter. The bags are thus loaded with dust throughout their depth. This results in long service lives at low energy costs. The filter complies with the requirements of VDI 6022.

Pocket filter fine dust

Fine dust filters serve both as pre-separators for subsequent filter stages and as main filters for air conditioning systems or process protection. Depending on the degree of separation, the filters are divided into filter classes ISOePM10, ISOePM2.5 and ISOePM1 50 to 95 %. ISOePM10 and ISOePM2.5 filters are used for fine dust separation in the pharmaceutical, electrical and photographic industries, partial and full air conditioning systems with high air purity in laboratories or sickrooms. ISOePM1 filters are chosen for air conditioning systems with very high air purity for high quality assembly rooms and switchgear, in food production, pre-filters for clean room facilities in the pharmaceutical industry, aerosol separation or other process protection. All fine dust filter media are made of fine synthetic fibers sewn into wedge-shaped pockets. Parallel spacer seams along the entire length of the bag ensure even airflow through the filter, so that the entire depth of the filter bags is loaded with dust. The advanced filter medium has a multi-layer structure and is provided with a further high-performance pre-filter layer in the case of high dust loads. The separation efficiency of the filters is constant even with fluctuating and varying air flow rates. All filters comply with the requirements of VDI 6022.

HEPA filter

HEPA filters are mechanically highly resilient and are used for the separation of suspended matter such as viruses, germs, toxic dusts or aerosols. They are indispensable where virtually germ- and dust-free air is required, especially in industrial processes and in pharmaceutical technology. The filters are classified in filter classes E10 to E12 (EPA), H13 to H14 (HEPA) and U15 to U17 (ULPA). The ultra-fine glass fibre or PTFE filter medium is placed in tight parallel pleats to achieve the largest possible filter area with high filtration efficiencies. The filter can be used both on the dust-air side and on the clean-air side. The use of aluminium spacers enables, for example, cleanable filter media for up to 10,000 cleaning cycles, FDA-compliant design or electrical grounding for EX protection. Tighter convolution for considerably higher volume flows as well as lower pressure differences are also possible, as is potting with a silicone compound for temperatures up to 250 °C.

Compact filter

Compact filters are used as prefilters and main filters when high volume flows and high initial separation rates are required. In addition to the separation of coarse and fine dust, they are also excellently suited for the separation of suspended particles and toxic dusts as well as aerosols. Thanks to the aerodynamically favourably shaped inlet profiles, these filters offer significantly lower initial pressures than pocket or panel HEPA filters at the same nominal volume flow rate. The robust plastic frames are corrosion-free and allow for easy disposal; they are completely incinerable. For applications with the highest demands, the filter can be reinforced on the clean air side with burst protection grids. The filters fit into all common mounting frames for pocket filters from various manufacturers and meet the requirements of VDI 6022.

Consulting ISO 16890 Standard

With the introduction of the new test procedure for filters according to ISO 16890, the previous filter classes G1 to F9 (EN 779) are replaced by four new classes. With regard to the desired supply air quality, the new classification has become much more user-friendly. The class designation shows the collection efficiency for the respective particle spectrum PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and Coarse (coarse dust >10µm). This allows the filters to be selected and combined individually for each application.

The product range – from activated carbon filters, compact filters and pocket filters to protective suits and seals and Z-Line filters

In FRISCHLUFTMANAGER you will find a comprehensive selection of air filters for all ventilation systems, air handling units (AHU) and exhaust systems. We will find the best filters for your system. We supply industrial and process air filters just as reliably as filters for clean rooms and medicine.

Your right air filter with the filter configurator

As soon as we have included your plant in our system, we can offer you the best filters for your plant. Based on your preferences, such as price, air quality, service life or efficiency, we provide you with an overview of the filter market. Whether pocket filter, filter cell, compact filter or filter mat, whether Z-line filter or filter class Epa, Hepa, Ulpa – we carry them all!

Experiences with FRISCHLUFTMANAGER – what our customers say

Whether you are responsible for filter maintenance in municipal buildings or in a clean room, for 1 plant or 30: Do it like our customers. Trust in actoVent and let the FRISCHLUFTMANAGER organize it.

“A great relief for my employees”

“We have been an actoVent customer for many years and enjoy using their services. Competent employees and high-quality products – we appreciate that. The constant new developments and improvements to the services also make our everyday life easier. We have already tested the Fresh Air Manager and are thrilled. It is a great relief for my employees and saves nerves, time and money. I can only recommend it.” (Michael Müller, Managing Director Erich Müller GmbH in Freudenstadt)

“The fresh air manager gives us planning security”.

“We are on the road on behalf of our customers and have many maintenance contracts with little leeway. The Frischluftmanager gives us the security of being able to carry out our work on time and without ‘surprises’. The recording of the installations was very easy and the invoices are also uncomplicated. With the fresh air manager I always have an overview of all installations.”

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