We believe that the air we breathe or release into the environment should be clean! That’s why we work every day to offer our customers resource-saving solutions for clean air.

The fresh air manager – your solution for clean air!

From the planning stage to the daily use of a building, there are big differences. The fresh air manager measures your current air quality and helps you to optimize the complete process around clean air in a resource-saving way.

Technical and digital progress means that measurement technology is becoming cheaper and more flexible. We can measure values such as CO2, particulate matter, humidity, temperature or even dynamic pressure differences quickly and without complex installations or network connections.

Whether schools, universities, sports halls, office buildings or hospitals – the data is visible in the fresh air manager.

In this way, we can improve processes, consumable products such as Filters or V-belts and services such as optimize and automate plant maintenance or plant control in a data-driven manner for the benefit of our customers.

How good is your air quality and who cares?
We make the invisible visible, analyze your processes around clean air and measure your air quality.
When does my ventilation or exhaust system run? When is the right time to change the filter?
We automate and optimize your process around clean air!
How good is the air quality in your building and how do I make this visible to my customers or employees?
We show you the values that are relevant for you – simply and understandably. This way, you not only keep control yourself, but you can also show your customers and employees that the “coast is clear” with you.

Fresh air as a service with the fresh air manager

Everything from one source

One platform, one log-in – we give you access to a wide range of partners and solutions on one user interface.


The wide network of suppliers, service and technology partners enables us to offer the products and services that are right for you.


From consumable products such as air filters or V-belts, to maintenance and cleaning companies, to simple measurement technology – the range in the Fresh Air Manager is unique.


We offer you your individual solution for clean air.

Set your goals with us – we’ll do the rest!




Partners, Suppliers & Service Providers


Products & Services

Solutions around clean air

The fresh air manager from actoVent

3 simple steps to becoming a fresh air manager

  1. Contact us or make your own login directly
  2. We analyze your needs together with you and record your buildings and / or your systems in the fresh air manager
  3. Together we choose the right products and services for you

Let’s go!



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